Post-Primary Schools

Activity 1: An email project focussing on Languages

Target Group: First / Second Year Students

  Prepare communications with corresponding students in the paired school in a language other than English upon an agreed theme or topics.   Objectives:

Technology Implementation

  • To familiarise the class teachers with the use of email as a teaching tool.
  • To familiarise students with email as a means of communication with others
  • Curriculum Implementation Resource Development
  • To document the benefits of the activity
  • To document any difficulties that arose during the activity
  • To share any worksheets or other materials that were useful
  • To provide suggestions to other teachers for managing the activity effectively
  • School-based IT-Co-ordinators' Role


    Class Teacher's Role

    Activity 1
     Evaluation Form
      1. What language did you choose for this activity? ______________________________
      2. At what level will your class take the JC in this subject? Higher __ Ordinary ___ Foundation ____
      3. What theme was selected for the activity? _______________________________________________
      4. How many pupils in your class prepared and presented reports on this topic in preparation for the email activity?
      5. Boys ________ Girls _______

      6. How many pupils in your class emailed their reports to the partner school?
      7. Boys ________ Girls _______

      8. Please indicate your view on the extent to which pupils in your class, using the following scale achieved the following objectives:
      9.  1 (strongly agree), 2 (agree), 3 (disagree), 4 (strongly disagree)


        Level of Agreement
        (see above)
          Improved the student's vocabulary and language skills generally
         Increased student's ability to prepare short reports in a language other than English, 
         Increased student's ability to edit and critically evaluate the content of their material.
          Developed student's critical skills in evaluating the received material. 
          Encouraged students to research topics of general interest and to collaborate with their peers in producing their reports.
          Increased pupils' understanding of some of the qualities of an effective report.
          Increased own (teacher's) understanding of the operation of technology.   
         Increased own understanding of the potential of email to develop communication skills


      1. Please list any other benefits for you or your pupils that arose from this activity:


      3. Please list any technical difficulties that arose in implementing this activity:


      5. Please list any other difficulties that arose in implementing this activity:


      7. How could this activity be modified and/or improved to achieve the pupil objectives more effectively?


      9. How often would you use computers in your teaching?
                  1. Almost every day
                  2. Once or twice a week
                  3. Once or twice a month
                  4. Hardly ever/never
      1. Would you use email activities with your classes again? Yes___ No ___







    Please attach any resources you used in conducting this activity and return the evaluation to the IT co-ordinator in your school.