Primary Schools: First/Second Classes
Activity: How I Spent the Christmas Holidays

Target Group: First and/or Second Class

Prepare oral reports on children's Christmas holidays to be delivered using VC between paired schools. The project should be completed by end of January.

Alternative Topics: About a book I read during Christmas. . .

About a film I saw during Christmas. . . .

Changes we'll see in 1999


Technology Implementation

  • To familiarise the class teacher with the use video-conferencing (VC) equipment
  • To familiarise pupils with the operation of VC equipment
  • Curriculum Implementation (Language and Communication)
  • To enable children to plan and deliver a short oral report about themselves
  • To enable children to listen attentively to oral reports being delivered by others
  • To enable children to respond to an oral report by asking appropriate follow-up questions
  • To enable children to contrast their own experiences and views with those of pupils in a different class/school
  • To enable children to reflect on some qualities of an effective oral presentation
  • To increase children's vocabulary
  • Resource Development
  • To document the benefits of the activity
  • To document any difficulties that arose during the activity
  • To share any worksheets or other materials that were useful
  • To provide suggestions to other teachers for managing the activity effectively
  • School-based IT-Co-ordinators' Role
  • To select a first or second class to participate in the activity (a teacher who has not used VC equipment before might be invited to participate)
  • To liaise with twin school on selection of topic and day and time of link up.
  • To assist with the setting up of video-conferencing equipment
  • To encourage other teachers at the first/second class levels to try out the activity.
  • To assist with the completion of an activity evaluation sheet.
  • Class Teacher's Role
  • To assist pupils in preparing oral reports. This could entail discussion about the topic, the preparation of brief written notes, and practice in delivering oral reports.
  • To select a small number of pupils (perhaps 3-4) to present their oral reports using the VC equipment. Children of differing abilities should be selected to present.
  • To encourage children to follow up oral reports by asking the presenter questions that seek clarification or ask for more information. A small number of pupils should be selected in advance to do this.
  • To complete an activity evaluation sheet.
  • Suggestions:
  • Communication with twinned school should be by e-mail
  • It may be useful for class teachers to develop a worksheet to assist pupils in organising their ideas (an example is provided below).
  • It may be helpful to follow up the oral language/reporting activity with an appropriate reading or writing activity
    My Christmas Holidays

    The best part of my Christmas holidays was when ________________________________________________________________


    One of the things I did everyday during Christmas was



    A funny thing that happened during Christmas was when



    The best television programme I watched during Christmas was


    I liked this programme because _________________________________________


    I liked going back to school after the holidays because



    Video-Conferencing Activity (First-Second Classes)
    Evaluation Form


      1. What class level(s) do you teach?
            First Class ___   Second Class ____
      2. What topic was selected for the activity? _________________________

      3. How many pupils in your class prepared and presented reports on this topic in          preparation for the video-conferencing activity?

      Boys: _____     Girls: _____
      4. How many pupils in your class presented their reports via video-conference?
        Boys:_____  Girls: _____
      5. Please indicate your view on the extent to which the following objectives were achieved by pupils in your class, using the following scale:   (1) strongly agree
      (2) agree
      (3) disagree
      (4) strongly disagree
    Level of Agreement 
    (see above)
    Improved pupils' ability to deliver oral reports  
    Increased pupils' attentiveness when listening to other pupils  
    Increased pupils' ability to respond effectively to news/reports delivered by other pupils  
    Increased pupils' vocabulary  
    Increased pupils' understanding of some of the qualities of an effective report  
    Increased own (teacher's) understanding of the operation of technology  
    Increased own understanding of the potential of Video-conferencing to develop pupils communication skills  
    6. Please list any other benefits for you or your pupils that arose from the VC activity:

      7.  Please list any difficulties that arose in implementing the VC activity:


      8. How could the VC activity be modified and/or improved to achieve the pupil objectives more effectively?


      9. How often do you use computers in your teaching?

      1. Almost every day
      2. Once or twice a week
      3. Once or twice a month
      4. Hardly ever/never
      10. Would you use VC technology again in presenting an activity like this? Yes ____  No ___



    Please attach any resources you used in conducting this activity and return the evaluation to the IT co-ordinator in your school.