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The Scourge

Life goes on all around,
In the country and in the towns.
But life is not like it used to be,
There's hash, heroin and ecstasy.
Drugs, they really are a scourge,
You have to have them when you get the urge. You watch your children growing up,
But must we watch them banging up?
Mothers cry and fathers rage,
But it does not help them turn the page.
The drugs have them in their grasp,
With no future, just the past.
They rob, they cheat, They cry, they lie,
But in the end they all just die

By Ann-Marie, aged 11
Sacred Heart Senior National School


You always had a happy face,
Your laughter filled the air,
You brought us all such happiness,
Your death just was not fair.
Louise, we hope you're happy now,
Now you have gone back home,
And though that home is not with us,
We know you're not alone

By Sarah, aged 10
Sacred Heart Senior National School

Louise by Sarah
The Scourge by Anne-Marie
Butterfly by Sarah
Limerick #1 by Paul
The World by Lisa
Limerick #2 by Mary Clare
Love by Glenn
I Have a Dream by Ashleigh
Snails by Nicola
Beautiful World by Niamh

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Lovely loud Lyndsey,
Fabulous, friendly.
Stupendous singing,
Kind, clever, cool.
Bulging biceps
Really rude.
Wet wellies
Heavy hair
Elephant eyes
Practically perfect.

By Lyndsey
Good Shepherd NS

The World

I love the world
It's precious to me
It's a great thing
I love to hear the Bluebells ring.

I love the world
It makes me feel good inside
I'm sure the creatures
Are filled with pride

By Lisa
Good Shepherd NS


I found a little butterfly,
Last Friday on the street.
I brought it home,
I fed him well,
But then it was time to say farewell.
I said goodbye with a tear in my eye, And that was the end of my butterfly

Sarah (5th Class)
Coolderry Central School

Limerick #2

There was an old woman of Coolderry,
Who lived in the wood of Glassderry,
Her house was so eerie,
And she was so dreary,
She frightened her friends up to Derry.

Mary Clare (5th Class)
Coolderry Central School


Love is the colour red
Love tastes like chocolate
It smells like sweet perfume
It looks like my mum
Its sounds like football fans cheering
It makes me feel safe.

By Glenn
Good Shepherd NS

Limerick #1

There was an old man of Coolderry.
Who went on a trip down to Kerry.
He swam in a lake.
Then stepped on a rake.
And he had a red nose like a cherry.

Paul (5th Class)
Coolderry Central School

I Have A Dream

I have a dream,
No vandalism or robberies
And world hunger is
Long gone.
It is a dream of the future And how things should be done.
Hand in hand, side by side ,
Always with our friends.
Black or white, French or American.
Together until the end.
No more road-rage.
Hatred is all gone.
It shall never come again. That's the way the future should be.
No more wars or cries of hunger.
We will all be happy
And safe at last.
Our smiles will stay
A lot longer.

Ashleigh (6th class)
St Raphaels NS

The Beautiful World

The wind, the grass,
The flowers and the air
It's great in the world everywhere.
The seas, the oceans, the sky and the trees,
It's lovely when you feel the beautiful breeze.

The blue sky and the green grass,
It's just something you can't pass.
In winter white snow falls,
In autumn Hallowe'en pumpkins glow,
In summer the bees go "Zing".
In spring the sweet birds sing.

Niamh (5th Class)
St Raphaels NS

The Snail

I love snails
They leave slimy trails on the ground
And on doors.
They live in my garden and in yours.
Their shell is their home.
This is true. If you touch their feelers
They will hide from you.
A few people don't like them,
Well most,
Because they think that they're gross,
Well, I think they're nice,
They're much nicer than mice.

Nicola (6th Class)
St Raphaels NS