by  the  pupils  of  the  Senior  class.

               Our  School
The   school  I  go  to  is  called  Coolderry  Central  School.
The  school   has 83 pupils.
The principal  of Coolderry school is Mr. Hanamy.
There  are five teachers in the school; Mrs. Kennedy , Mr. Hanamy , Mr. Lupton  and Mrs Teehan and Mrs. McEvoy
We wear a green uniform. The main sport is  hurling. We also play soccer, basketball, camogie rounders and we go swimming on Wednesday. Coolderry  School  won  the  under 11's final by a point this year
There are six classrooms in the school including a Computer room and we also have a G.P. room.
School starts every day at 9:20 and we finish at 3:00. A lot of the children come to school on one of the two school buses.

Our  Class.
    There are 18 pupils in our class. There are 9 in 5th and 9 in 6th. Our  teacher is Mr. Hanamy.  We  go swimming  every  W"ednesday for 8 weeks. We study  Irish, Religion,Maths, English, Geography,History, Enviromental Studys,Art and P.E..
 At Christmas we had a Pageant in the Church with all the pupils of the school taking part. Afterwards we went to the hall and the U11 school hurling team was  presented with their medals. There were tea and sandwiches for all the adults and we had minerals and crisps. Then we had a Disco until 10:45. We all had a great night.

The   Church

There are 13 houses in the heart of Coolderry.
There is a school, a church, a hurling pitch and a hall where dancing and music takes place every Tuesday night.
Coolderry is a small village but it is beautiful  to go for walks in the summer. There are some lovely sight seeing places around the village itself. There are high hills that you can see for many miles away. There is one in particular just outside the village itself where there is a high cross on it from the time we had a pilgrimage on it. There is a small stream across the road from the hurling pitch. There are also a lot of trees in Coolderry most of them are oak , beech and chestnut. There is one outside the hurling field it is said to be the toothfairy  tree. Most children love to go and look at it. There is another stream it is at the Keraun cross. It is wide and it goes under the road. In the summer  we go for walks down to it and walk in it and maybe have leaf races. It is good fun.

In   the  past Coolderry have dominated the senior
championship and have  won  26  titles, the most in Offaly. They won the last title in 1986 . This year Coolderry  won 3
titles the under 21, minor and under11 Cumann na mBunscol title. I played on the under 11 team.
The  team was number,1 Stephen Corcoran 2.Marcella Maloney 4.David Ryan 5. Colm larkin 6. Stephen Burke (capt) and 7. Paul Hensey.
Midfield 8. Conor Nolan  (1goal 2 points)9. Darragh Parlon.
Forwards 10.Nicolas Kennedy 11. Brisn Kelly.12Liam Brady.13 Daniel Culleton (1 goal) 14.Kevin Connoly (1 point).
Coolderry  2-3 Ballinamere 1-5 was the score in the final.
We had our presentation of medals before Christmas and Joe Brady the captain of the Offaly Minor team that won the Leinster Title made the presentation.

            The  Leap    Castle
My  name  is  Darragh  Parlon.
I  live  beside  the  leap  castle. A  man  called  John  Ryan  bought  the  castle  and did it  up. He  is  now  living  in the  castle. The  Leap  castle  is  one  of  the  most  haunted  castles  in  Ireland. It  is  about  two  miles  outside  Coolderry  village. It  is  suppose  to  be  haunted  by  a  young  girl  and  this  is  the  story.
There  was  young  girl  who  lived  in  the  leap  castle  andher  father  owned  the  castle. He  wanted  her  to  marry  a  young  boy  whose father  was  rich  but  she  was  in  love  with  a  poor  famer. When  her  father  heard  this  he  killed  the  farmer. Then while he  was  in  bed  his  daugher  came  in  and killed  him. The  next  day  the girl  was on  the  top  of  the  castle  and  a  hand  pushed  her and she  fell  to  the  ground  dead. Some  people  think  it  was  the  ghost  of  her  father who pushed her to her death. Now every night she haunts the castle and she can be heard some nights moaning .
Coolderry  in  Winter

Every   winter   in  Coolderry  nearly   everyone  from  16  years  old  and under   go up  to  the  hills   and  slide  down ,We  use   bags    of hay , and  we have  a   sleigh  its    great  fun .We  make  snowmen  and  have  snowball  fights . I  think  for  children   in   Coolderry  winter   is  the  best  time of  year.

Coolderry in  Summer

Every  summer  in  Coolderry  most   of  the  children  go  to  the  hurling   field   and   have   water  fights  and   go  for   picnics. Its  not  that  often   that  we  get  hot  summers  but  when  we  do   we  make   the  most  of  it. People  usually  go  for  long  walks  or  long  cycles .