St. Raphael's Dominican Campus, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

St. Raphael's is one of three Primary Schools on the Dominican Campus in Ballyfermot. The school has an enrolment of 286 pupils from Junior Infants to VI class.

Catering for boys and girls up to 1st. class, girls only from II to VI. St. Raphael's is designated disadvantaged under the Department of Education & Science Scheme.

Staffing in St Raphaels includes an Administrative Principal and 18 teachers. This includes 14 Mainstream classes, 2 Special Classes, 1 Learning Support Teacher and a Resource Teacher for Travellers. 2 Persons working under a Whole Time Jobs Initiative Scheme and 2 FAS workers who are Classroom Assistants.

The school aims to provide for the social, moral and educational development of the child.
Social & Moral: To raise the self esteem of the child by developing a positive self image, so that the child develops a positive response to himself/herself and the environment i.e. others, authority and property.
Educational: To help each child reach her/his potential. To develop childrens' skills to include basic academic skills of literacy and numeracy.

A special emphasis is placed on Social, Personal and Health Education, Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Sport. Curriculum is used imaginatively to provide life skills for all.

Marion McHugh
Jacinta Akduman

Tel 626 59 53