Pobalscoil Neasáin

Pobalscoil Neasáin is a community school, founded in August 1980.

The six hundred students, (approx. 360 boys and 240 girls), represent all backgrounds and ability levels, reflecting the entire community.

Though designed primarily to meet the educational needs of its environs, PSN attracts students from outside the catchment area. The aim of this school is to strive to meet current and future educational needs of its community as a centre of educational good practice. Success in sporting, debating and literary competitions is already well documented. Pobalscoil Neasáin In particular we have recently worked in the areas of IT and relevant technologies, pan-European projects involving exchanges of students and staff and the development of modules for the TYP.

In keeping with the aims of Community schools to be leaders in areas of curricular development and change, the school has been involved in many successful educational innovations.

  • Transition Year Option: PSN was one of the first schools in the country to establish T.Y.O. in 1986.
  • Leaving Certificate Computer Studies Module: Based on a syllabus devised, taught and assessed by PSN staff since 1987, this module is certified by the Dept. of Education.
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme: PSN is a phase II LCVP school.
  • Learning to Learn: A project co-ordinated by Trinity College and the Irish Christian Brothers which aims to improve students' ability to learn by examining theories of learning and helping them determine their own preferred learning style.
  • Alternative Energy Project: This Comenius project investigates awareness of issues related to alternative sources of energy and involves the collaboration of our students with schools in Germany, Denmark, Italy, England and Russia.
  • Classroom of the Future: Working with Broadcom Research Ireland, this project investigates how optimum educational use may be made of broadband data and telecommunication facilities.
  • Sin Scéal Eile: Exploring the rich oral tradition of our culture and that of other countries, students examine folk stories hidden meanings and the values conveyed. Students also seek stories from older members of their community in an attempt to strengthen bonds between the old and young. In its second year, the project has been extended to involve students from eight countries. The project is co-ordinated from Pobalscoil Neasáin's Web site.
  • Euro-class: The pairing of a weak stream second year class with an equivalent in Germany. By working on joint projects it is hoped that a greater understanding of each other's culture will develop.

I.T facilities within the school, consisting of two networks and ISDN connection form an important resource for students and staff. Towards meeting the educational needs of its community, Pobalscoil Neasáin offers a range of I.T. courses as part of a thriving adult education programme.

The I.T. systems have served as vital support for collaborative projects. It has also allowed contact before, during and after exchange programmes with our partners in Germany, France, Denmark and Holland. However, the school wishes to develop these systems to where they form an integral yet unobtrusive part of both syllabus and paedogogy.

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